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Any Android application can start looking its best with the help of professional, intuitive menu icons
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9 March 2015

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It’s a known reality that many smart phones and multimedia devices sport the powerful Android OS. As more and more market share is gained by the Android OS, the number of apps that are being developed for Android devices too have gone up substantially. This has sparked the necessity of all the substances which can make development and implementation of apps in android ecosystem easy and safe. In the same light falls the Android Menu Icons 2013.2 package. This menu set is a collection of all the menu icons that make an android app or android OS look appealing and user-friendly. Directed at all the programmers and designers working on the Android platform, this set of icons proves very helpful as it can reduce both time and hassles of designing of icons.

To our surprise, when we peeped into this icon set, we found nearly as many as one hundred and sixty menu icons that can be used for all kinds of tasks. From clip boards, to briefcase to marks, to peoples to places and all kinds of icons which are commonly or uncommonly used by users are available in it. These icons are designed and polished by professional artists and under strict guideline of android version 2.3 or above. You can as per your application`s needs and preferences select 3 resolution modes out of the lot, which includes MDPI, HDPI and IDPI. Now even if you want a selection among vector and raster images, still you can avail this with it. So to make the complete picture of your application complete with lovely icons and background trust us Android Menu Icons 2013.2 can play a vital part.

Android Menu Icons 2013.2 most prolifically is one of the unique icon set that has such an immense number of menu icons that can be used for all sorts of purposes and for which it gets a stellar score of four rating points. Last but not the least the people behind this package need to be appreciated for their design aesthetics.

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Android development projects benefit not only from great programming, but from excellent visual elements, as well. With the right icons, an application can be transformed into a more intuitive, easy-to-use resource that conveys a sense of professionalism. Our Android menu icon collection does just that, while reducing development time and improving conformity with modern design standards. The collection features 159 individual menu icons ready to make your application the best it can be.
The set is distinguished by a consistent style that meets the Android guidelines for version 2.3 and above. A clean, minimalist theme is complemented by attractive contrast and attractive rounded edges for a finished look that instantly creates a feeling of authority. A full range of icon types is included in the set. Whether you're looking for icons that convey information about app navigation and other basic features or want to signify special functions with icons that suggest people, places, advanced actions, and more, there's sure to be a suitable icon for your needs. Each icon is available in three resolutions; developers can choose from mdpi, hdpi, or ldpi to fit the images into any standard menu.
Developers will also find a useful alpha channel for altering the translucency of any icon within the collection. This feature allows the icons to blend perfectly into any background, so that even the most colorful or inventive of application environments can achieve a positive user experience. Optional PSD files and vector sources in AI and SVG formats means tweaking the icons to achieve just the right look is fast and simple.
When an application is marked by attractive, standardized icons, it can make powerful first impressions and create an overall user experience that drives adoption and earns fans. Our collection of Android menu icons is ideal for development projects that want to achieve a fantastic look as easily and professionally as possible.
Android Menu Icons
Android Menu Icons
Version 2015
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